about us

Caramel Craze Apples began as a way to earn money to support the Allstar Cheerleaders within our family. We sold them outside of local grocery stores for many years, slowly perfecting our 100% homemade caramel recipe as time went on. After the days of Cheerleading were over, we received an overwhelming amount of requests from friends, family, neighbors, and all who had grown to love our apples, to keep making them. With the help of those wonderful customers, we have gradually turned Caramel Craze into what it is today - a family owned and loved business! 

  With over 9 years of experience, we know we have the perfect gourmet caramel apple. We value quality, presentation, and fine details above all else. Using only the finest ingredients, our smooth and creamy caramel is cooked to perfection. We then hand dip crisp Granny Smith apples, decorating each individually, while focusing on every detail. Caramel Craze takes pride in our fun flavors and designs. Our apples are then all packaged and tied, making them a unique gift for you and your loved ones.